Fateme Rajabiyazdi




I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University in the Department of Experimental Surgery focusing on developing Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement. My research interests are establishing effective patient-physician communication, measuring patient-reported outcome, and improving patient self-management.


Development and usability of a feedback tool,“My Personal Brain Health Dashboard”, to improve setting of self-management goals among people living with HIV in Canada

Maryam Mozafarinia, Fateme Rajabiyazdi, Marie-Josee Brouillette, Lesley K Fellows, Nancy E Mayo

Quality of Life Research, Springer, 2020, pp. 1--13

Exploring the Design of Patient-Generated Data Visualizations

Fateme Rajabiyazdi, Charles Perin, Lora Oehlberg, Sheelagh Carpendale

Graphics Interface, ACM, Toronto, Canada, https://openreview.net/pdf?id=B4wNq9Rx8F, 2020 May 20

Effectiveness of a personalized health profile on specificity of self-management goals among people living with HIV in Canada: a protocol for a blinded pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Maryam Mozafarinia, Fateme Rajabiyazdi, Marie-Josée Brouillette, Lesley Fellows, Bärbel Knäuper, Nancy E. Mayo

MNI Open Research, vol. 4, 2020 Apr 12

Opioid versus opioid-free analgesia after surgical discharge: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Charbel El-Kefraoui, Ghadeer Olleik, Marc-Aurele Chay, Araz Kouyoumdjian, Philip Nguyen-Powanda, Fateme Rajabiyazdi, Uyen Do, Alexa Derksen, Tara Landry, Alexandre Amar-Zifkin, Agnihotram V. Ramanakumar, Marc-Olivier Martel, Gabriele Baldini, Liane Feldman, Julio F Fiore

BMJ Open, vol. 10(1), 2020 Jan 1

The Challenges of Individuality to Technology Approaches to Personally Collected Health Data

Fateme Rajabiyazdi, Charles Perin, Lora Oehlberg, Sheelagh Carpendale

PervasiveHealth '17, Proceedings of the 11th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, ACM, New York, NY, USA, 2017, pp. 448--451

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Patient-Generated Data Visualization Designs

Patients with chronic conditions are usually advised or are self-motivated to track their health data at home and present this data to the healthcare providers during clinical visits. However, often these patient-generated data collections are large, c...

Clinician-Patient Communication

We provide an integrated view of patients' and clinicians' perspectives on the communication challenges faced when patients present their medical issues to the clinicians. By combining the results of a literature review from both the HCI and medical li...

WEST: Visualizing Surgery Waiting Times

 We present WESt, a visualization for surgery waiting times applied to the province of British Columbia (BC) in Canada. This project is motivated by the long waiting time for surgeries in BC, which has the potential to put patients in danger and put ex...

Large High-Resolution Display

A driving force behind the design of increasingly large and high resolution displays (LHRDs) has been the need to support the explosion of data in the natural sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biology. However, our experience with a LHRD accessi...


Introduction to Information Visualization

Guest Lecturer - University of Calgary

Fall 2017 - Invited to present guest lectures on the principles of designing visualization.

Thinking with Data

Teaching & Course Development Assistance - University of Calgary

Summer 2017 - This course was open to non-computer science major students.

Visualization and Visual Analytics

Guest Lecturer - University of Calgary

Fall 2016 - I was invited to present guest lectures on how to use Python to run stats.

Human Computer Interaction

Teaching Assistance & Student Project Leader - University of Calgary

Winter 2015 - This course was offered to third and fourth year computer science student.

Introduction to CS Application Software

Teaching Assistance - University of Calgary

Winter 2014 - This course was offered to second year computer science students.

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May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020

I was awarded the FRQS postdoctoral fellowship scholarship 2020-2021. (Link)

Apr 6, 2020

Apr 6, 2020

Invited and joined as a Short Papers Program Committee IEEE VIS 2020. (Link)

Jan 15, 2020

Jan 15, 2020

Excited to present my work at the Graphics Interface Conference in Toronto (Link)

Oct 16, 2019

Oct 16, 2019

Invited to present my research at the McGill University Health Center MIS Research Day

Jun 26, 2019

Invited and joined as a Program Chair for the 25th ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2020) (Link)

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